Published Papers to ICPACE 2019 are listed in the following TABLE

IDPaper TitleAuthor’s NameDownload
CE_01Operational Constraints in Conventional Managed Aquifer Recharge in Barind Area at North-Western Region of BangladeshM. I. Hossain, M. N. Bari,  S. U. MiahCLICK HERE
CE_05A Detailed Overview of Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD)K. Roksana, T. Nawrin, S. HossainCLICK HERE
CE_06Public Transport Service a Menace in Dhaka City: Present Scenarios and the Way ForwardM. A. Islam, M. S. HoqueCLICK HERE
CE_09Soil Stabilization Using Cement as Binder and Nylon Thread as ReinforcementS. Das, A. Barua, S. ChakrabortyCLICK HERE
CE_11Effects of Foundation Shape on Settlement and Bearing Capacity of Soils at Rajshahi City, BangladeshM. A. Alim, M. M. Rana, M. A. Alam, M. RoknuzzamanCLICK HERE
CE_13Assessment of Tannery Effluent: A Case Study on Dhaleshwari River in BangladeshP. K. Ghosh, M. D. HossainCLICK HERE
CE_15A Study on Waste Pickers in Gazipur CityM. H. Shah, S. M. S. A. Shovon, M. T. IslamCLICK HERE
CE_19Effects of Leaching on the Properties of Concrete J. C. Kuri, S. Akter, A. ChoudhuryCLICK HERE
CE_20Impact of Land Use Characteristics on Urban Storm Water Quality in Rajshahi CityP. Chakraborty, A. ChowdhuryCLICK HERE
CE_26Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Existing RCC Buildings in Dinajpur City: A Case Study on Ward No. 06M. I. Mostazid, , M. Mahabub, M. MahaburCLICK HERE
CE_27Numerical Analysis of Simply Supported Beam on an Elastic FoundationA. S. M. Z. Hasan, J. M. R. I. Shohag, N. MohammadCLICK HERE
CE_28Effect of Compressive Strength on Concrete in Hot WeatherM. R. Awall, M. R. AminCLICK HERE
CE_30Vibration Based Pavement Condition Monitoring Using Smartphone as a SensorS. Rana., Asaduzzaman, M. H. Bagha, B. Saha, M. G. AzamCLICK HERE
CE_31Optimum Position of Outrigger System for Tall BuildingsF. AfsariCLICK HERE
CE_33Performance Assessment of Retrofitted RC Frames with Different Patterns of Steel BracingM. Hisamuzzaman, S. RanaCLICK HERE
CE_34Effect of Water Submergence on the Serviceability of Jute GeotextileM. A. Hossain, T. TabassumCLICK HERE
CE_37Land Use and Land Cover Classification of Coastal Districts of Bangladesh in a 10M Resolution of Sentinel-2 Satellite ImageS. Islam, A. H. Tanim, M. R. A. MullickCLICK HERE
CE_42An Experimental Investigation on Pore Structures of Pervious Concrete Using Digital Image AnalysisC. Roy, M. Rana, A. Hossain, A. Hasnat, T. U. MohammedCLICK HERE
CE_45Water and Waste Water Quality Assessment: A Case Study on Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, BangladeshM. M. Rana, M. N. Ahmed, M. AshikuzzamanCLICK HERE
CE_48Structural Vulnerability of Buildings to Earthquake of Ward No. 14, Mymensingh Municipality, BangladeshM. A. Islam, T. T. Isaba1, I. Aziz, S. Aziz, R. AhsanCLICK HERE
CE_49Effect of Setback Percentages in Vertically Irregular Concrete Buildings on Response to EarthquakeM. S. Azad , M. M. Sazzad, N. Samadder, M. F. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE_50Study on the Performance Evaluation of Teesta Barrage and Irrigation ProjectP. K. Roy, S. M. Shirazi, R. A. Hasan, G. RabbaniCLICK HERE
CE_51Study on Compressibility and Strength Behavior of Cement Stabilized Soil at High Water ContentS. Afrin, I. M Rafizul CLICK HERE
CE_52Analysis of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Soil of Waste Disposal Site in Khulna Using Soft Computing SystemsK. S. Shyamol, I. M. RafizulCLICK HERE
CE_53GIS Based Liquefaction Potential Assessment Considering Different Earthquake Magnitude for Rajshahi City, BangladeshA. Hossain, M. Ashikuzzaman, M. S. A. SalanCLICK HERE
CE_54Effect of Peak Ground Acceleration on Liquefaction Behavior of Subsoil: A Case Study of Rajshahi City CorporationA. Hossain, M. Ashikuzzaman, M. S. A. SalanCLICK HERE
CE_55Seismic Stability of Slopes in Cohesive SoilsA. Hossain, M. A. A. Sadman, M. M. Rashid, M. AshikuzzamanCLICK HERE
CE_56Modelling of Support Vector Machine for the Prediction of California Bearing Ratio of Stabilized SoilC. R. Animesh, I. M RafizulCLICK HERE
CE_57Effectiveness of Road Safety Measures on Rural Roads of BangladeshM. A. W. KhanCLICK HERE
CE_60Accident Prediction by Using Poisson Regression for Unsignalised Junction in Khulna Metropolitan City, BangladeshM. E. Shaik, Q. S. HossainCLICK HERE
CE_61Seismic Analysis of RCC Building Resting on Sloping Ground with Varying Number of Hill SlopesM. Hasan, N. H. M. K. SerkerCLICK HERE
CE_64Development of Self-Compacting Concrete Using Sugarcane Bagasse AshN. H. M. K. Serker, N. M. KhanCLICK HERE
CE_66Drinking Water Scarcity in the Southwest Coastal Area in BangladeshM. M. Rahman, M. A. Alum, S. A. HaqCLICK HERE
CE_71Predicting Concrete Compressive Strength by Different Non-destructive Test and Semi Destructive Test TechniquesK. B. Nihar, D. Datta, M. T. Islam, M. S. AliCLICK HERE
CE_72Optimization of Vibration Control Using Outrigger and Pendulum Tuned Mass Damper System for High-Rise BuildingC. A. Tuan, T. T. Nahar, D. K. KimCLICK HERE
CE_73Use of Various Types of Cement Mortars for Improved Structural Fire ResistanceM. T. Islam, M. A. Rahman, I. AhmedCLICK HERE
CE_75Development of a Mathematical Model for Unsteady Flow in a Single Channel of the Karnaphuli River for Dry and Wet SeasonT. Islam, M. A. N. Hasan, T. SharminCLICK HERE
CE_77Seismic Risk Assessment Based on Drift Ratio for Steel Frame Using High Dimensional Model Representation and Incremental Dynamic AnalysisT. T. Nahar, M. M. Rahman, C. A. Tuan, D. K. KimCLICK HERE
CE_79Effect of Length to Diameter Ratio on The Load-Deflection Characteristics of Laterally Loaded Driven Piles in SandM. M. Sazzad, M. Ashikuzzaman, M. A. U. Roni, M. AhamedCLICK HERE
CE_80Utilization of Waste by Using Stone Dust as Fine Aggregate and Condensed Milk-Can as Fiber Reinforcement in ConcreteM. Haque, S. Ray, M. Z. Islam, K. Mahato, M. W. HasanCLICK HERE
CE_82Experimental Analysis on Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) Made with Locally Available Materials Incorporating Different W/C RatioC. Roy, A. A. Mansur, R. Hasan, T. Ullah, T. U. MohammedCLICK HERE
CE_83Automation in Construction: A SurveyT. S. Pias, M. R. H. PlabonCLICK HERE
CE_98Partial Replacement of Ceramic Tile Dust in Bituminous MixG. M. H. Rashid, A. A. Mamun, I. E. EpuCLICK HERE
CE_100Short Term Traffic Flow Forecasting by Time Series AnalysisA. Hasnat , F. I. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE_101A Brief Study on Capacity Loss at Major Rajshahi City Roads, BangladeshM. M. Islam, M. S. Islam, F. I. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE_102A Brief Study on Water Quality Liable for Contaminating the River Padma, RajshahiG. M. H. Rashid, M. M. Islam, M. S. Islam, M. N. HasanCLICK HERE
CE_105Energy Performance Analysis of a Residential Building: A Case Study on a Typical Residential Building at Mohammadpur in Dhaka, BangladeshM. R. Hasan, J. AkterCLICK HERE
CE_106Project Planning and Scheduling Using Project Management Techniques: A Case Study on Janata Bank Building at KUET Campus, BangladeshM. R. Hasan, M. S. IslamCLICK HERE
CE_109Study on the Effect of Slot Size on Soil Erosion Due to Defective Pipe in Wet ConditionN. Basak, G. Sarkar CLICK HERE
CE_117Consolidation Properties of Barind Soil in HC Stress Path MethodS. A. MofizCLICK HERE
CE_121Experimental Investigation on Screw Fastened Different Ribbed Profiled Steel Sheet Under Simulated Uplift LoadS. M. Z. Islam, B. Ahmed, G. S. Himel, A. GhoshCLICK HERE
CE_123Implementation of Automated Traffic Signal at the Intersections of Dhaka City and Its EffectsH. M. Ahsan, M. K. Islam, C. J. FerdaushCLICK HERE
CE_124Identifying the Suitable Alignment for the Proposed Dhaka Circular RailwayH. M. Ahsan, M. F. H. Shikder, W. NourinCLICK HERE
CE_125Modernizing Bangladesh Railway Signaling SystemH. M. Ahsan, S. A. Rafat, S. HossainCLICK HERE
CE_127Challenges of Disaster Resilient Shelter Construction in BangladeshM. Kamruzzaman, S. Sarker, M. ChakrabarttyCLICK HERE
CE_128Bank Erosion in a Curved Reach of Padma RiverM. N. Haque, S. Egashira, A. Yorozuya, D. Harada CLICK HERE
URP_02An Analysis on Chronological Conversion of Urban Wetlands of Dhaka Metropolitan Area from 1990 to 2018R. B. Ishan, T. M. IntezarCLICK HERE
URP_07Development Based on Regionalization: A Case Study of Formal and Functional Regionalization of Kishorganj, Brahmanbaria and Narshingdi DistrictS. B. Azam , M. W. RahmanCLICK HERE
URP_08Determination of the Level of Service at Major Intersection: A Case Study in Pabna, BangladeshM. M. Khanam, M. MarufuzzamanCLICK HERE
URP_09An Analysis of Existing Condition and Potentiality of Mango Based Industries in Rajshahi DivisionN. Rahman, S. Rahman, S. Ahmed, A. M. R. GafurCLICK HERE
URP_10Exploring the Impact of Urban Development on Changing Surface Water body Area in Khulna City Corporation, Bangladesh Using GIS and RS TechniquesM. Marufuzzaman, M. M. Khanam, M. K. HasanCLICK HERE
URP_12Assessing the Spatial Distribution of Parks in Khulna CityS. M. Khan, Z. SalimCLICK HERE
URP_13Identification of Factors Affecting the Visitor’s Visit Rate to Padma Riverfront Area of Rajshahi City Corporation by Individual Travel Cost MethodN. Rahman, A. M. R.  Gafur, M.A. Wakil, H. MohiuddinCLICK HERE
URP_14Exploring History and Heritage Sites and Promoting Tourism in Rajshahi City CorporationN. Rahman, M. S. A. Salan, T. AhmedCLICK HERE
URP_16Analysis on Slum Housing Situation in Rajshahi and Dhaka City: A Proposal for Decent ShelterS. A. Shanta, S. Afrin, M. KamruzzamanCLICK HERE
URP_18Parking Problem Analysis at the Town Center of Rangamati MunicipalityM. Chakma, M. T. Hossain, M. A. PramanikCLICK HERE
URP_23An Analysis on the Vulnerable Effect of Climate Change on Children and Adaptation in Changing Situation in Darusha Union, Rajshahi District, BangladeshN. B. Nazir, N. A. TonoyCLICK HERE
URP_27Application of Urban Design Principles to Develop a Self-Contained Residential Unit that Shape the Urban Form: An Approach towards Neighborhood Development at Meherchandi, RajshahiS. Roy, N. A. Juy, A. Akter, N. ChowdhuryCLICK HERE
URP_28An Evaluation of Operational Characteristics of Public Transport System of Khulna- Jashore Highway: A Case Study on New Market to ShantidhamM. M. Hasan, M. R. Kabir, R. Hossain, F. S. Tasnim, Z. S. PromyCLICK HERE
URP_29An Assessment on the Mobility of a Road Section Connecting Notun Rasta-Gollamari of Khulna CityM. R. Kabir, M. M. Hasan, R. Hossain, P. C. DasCLICK HERE
Arch_04Community Based Cultural Tourism: An Attitude towards Sustainable Conservation Model for Heritage Site   S. Sharmin, N. M. KhanCLICK HERE
Arch_07Assessing the Impact of Street Frontage in Streetscape on the Quality of Public Gathering Space: A Case Study in Chittagong, BangladeshA. S. M. Ziad, M. Fahami, L. FarihaCLICK HERE

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