Published Papers to ICPACE 2021 are listed in the following TABLE

IDPaper TitleAuthor’s NameDownload
CE_001Response Analysis of Buried Pipeline Under Seismic Action: A Numerical StudyS. Das, M. A. Rahman, S. M. FarooqCLICK HERE
CE_002Land Readjustment Program for Pabna City of Bangladesh: An Application Towards Urban RegenerationJ.F. Ratu, S. RoyCLICK HERE
CE_004Evaluating the nature of leftover spaces beneath the flyover in Dhaka city: Opportunity to utilize the space through a spatial intervention frameworkM. H. R. Sabbir, A. AliCLICK HERE
CE_006Statistical Analysis of Vehicle Delay Measurements Considering Different Time Durations in Dhaka CityM. I. I. Rabbi, M. Ahamed, M. M. H. Galib, S. SadikCLICK HERE
CE_008Discharge Prediction at Bahadurabad Transit of Brahmaputra-Jamuna Using Machine Learning and Assessment of FloodingM. I. I. Rabbi, M. A. Hasan, M. M. H. Galib, P. M. Toma, M. AhamedCLICK HERE
CE_022Modification of Bitumen Using Reclaimed Tire RubberS. Anam, S. S. Meheli, M. H. AushiCLICK HERE
CE_025The Impact of Alien Invasive Plant Eucalyptus in the Settlement Ecology: The Case of Gaibandha, Northern BangladeshK. A. A. Emran, Q. A. MowlaCLICK HERE
CE_027Fire Risk and Safety Assessment of Residential Buildings in Dinajpur Sadar UpazillaT. Tabassum, S. R. Roy , P. C. Roy , M. RoknuzzamanCLICK HERE
CE_028Operational Monitoring of Intensifying Urban Sprawl Dynamics in Khulna City Using GIS & Remote Sensing TechniquesK. T. Nishtha, R. Abrar, S. SikderCLICK HERE
CE_047An Assessment on A Model of Self-Sufficient Neighbourhood Planning Based on Sustainability in RajshahiM. I. T. Dibya, A. Attoza, Z. ImtiazCLICK HERE
CE_048A GIS-Based Approach to Integrate Urban Open Space for Managing Urban EnvironmentJ. F. Ratu, A. Attoza, K. T. AhmedCLICK HERE
CE_054A Comparative Study between Terzaghi’s and Meyerhof’s Methods of Calculating Bearing Capacity of Soil for Shallow Foundation at Different Locations in Dhaka CityA. Tahmid, S. Junaed, A. S. M. F. Hossain, A. B. AliCLICK HERE
CE_055Chezy’s Resistance Factor Variations in Different Bangladeshi Rivers Using the Bazin Formula for Measuring DischargeA. Tahmid, M. H. Rahman, K. A. AhsanCLICK HERE
CE_056Effect of Concrete Piles on the Stability of Slope by LEMM. M. Sazzad, S. AfrozCLICK HERE
CE_057Chemical Separation Techniques for Quantification of Residual Mortar Attached with Recycled Brick AggregateM. Roknuzzaman, N. H. M. K. SerkerCLICK HERE
CE_059Revitalization is a Catalyst to Preserve the Historic Urban Areas through Adaptive ReuseS. A. Tisa, M. R. KhanCLICK HERE
CE_061Flood Resilient Amphibious Housing: Barriers and ProspectsO. Basak, S. A. ChowdhuryCLICK HERE
CE_064Investigation on Bond Behavior and Debonding Characteristics for CFRP Strengthening Metal and Concrete Structural SectionsS. M. Z. Islam, B. Ahmed, S. Alam, T. Ahmed, M. A. Sayed, T. S. Abrar, M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE_065Investigation on Flexural Behavior of Pre-cracked RC Beams Strengthened using CFRPS. M. Z. Islam, B. Ahmed, J. Deb, S. S. Shamim, O. F. Himel, M. N. H. Nisat M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE_066Bond Strength of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement in ConcreteA. Naha, G. M. S. Islam, M. A. I. ChowdhuryCLICK HERE
CE_067Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Existing Building at 25 No Rampur Ward, Chittagong City CorporationM. A. Hasan, A. Naha, M. A. Syed, M. E. HossainCLICK HERE
CE_069Green Building and Sustainable Development: Prospects and Challenges to Infrastructure Advancement of BangladeshM. R. Chowdhury, M. E. HossainCLICK HERE
CE_072Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of a Residential Building in BangladeshS. A. Islam, S. A. ChowdhuryCLICK HERE
CE_073Overview of Hydro-geological and Groundwater Quality Parameters of North East and North Central Regions of BangladeshM. A. Islam, S. Chowdhury, M. A. H. Kafi, A. F. M. Afzal HossainCLICK HERE
CE_081Pre-treatments for Rubberised Concrete (RuC) – A ReviewM. M. U. Islam , J. LiCLICK HERE
CE_082Effectiveness of River Training Works through Mathematical Modelling: A Case Study of Bank Erosion at NariaUpazilaF. Noor, S. Chowdhury, M. A. Islam, M. A.H. Kafi, S. JahanCLICK HERE
CE_083Risk Factors in Metropolitan Road Traffic Accidents and Their Safety MeasuresA. H. Zilan, M. A. Sayeed, M. AhamedCLICK HERE
CE_088Fresh and Hardened Properties of palm oil fuel ash (POFA) based lightweight concrete from palm oil industrial wastesM. M. U. Islam, U. J. Alengaram, M. Z. JumaatCLICK HERE
CE_089Compressive Strength and Efficiency Factor of Green ConcreteM. M. U. Islam, U. J. Alengaram, M. Z. JumaatCLICK HERE
CE_092Morphometric Analysis of Surma River in Sylhet District, Bangladesh Using Remote Sensing and GISM. O. Rahman, S. Z. Farzana, M. Das, Z. MiahCLICK HERE
CE_093Stormwater Treatment Using Natural Bio-adsorbentsA. Chowdhury, M. A. NihalCLICK HERE
CE_094Numerical Study of Stress-Deformation Response of Flexible PavementS. Ahmad, M. A. SayeedCLICK HERE
CE_095Structural Evolution in Enhancing Architectural Aesthetics: Examples from Modern to Contemporary EraM. R. Khan, S. A. TisaCLICK HERE
CE_102Prediction of Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Plastic LimitM. A. Alim, A. H. Akhi, M. A. Alam, M. RoknuzzamanCLICK HERE
CE_104Implementation of BIM on an Existing Structure and Comparison between Traditional Construction and BIM based ConstructionM. Mostafa, O. M. Karim, I. AhmmedCLICK HERE
CE_112GIS based vulnerability assessment of shallow groundwater pollution in the southwest region of Bangladesh using GOD methodT. Islam, F. Mahmud, M. A. ZaforCLICK HERE
CE_114Transforming Waste into Wealth: Recycled Concrete in Sustainable ConstructionM. N. Rahman, N. F. Dristy, M. A. AlamCLICK HERE
CE_115Predicting Performance of Bituminous Mixes by Using Coconut FibersM. F. HaqueCLICK HERE
CE_136Up to Date Development of Iron Removal Techniques from GroundwaterA. S. M. Z. Hasan, F. KhatunCLICK HERE
CE_138Effects of Waste Bone, Fly Ash and GGBS as Modifier for Bitumen in Construction of Asphalt PavementR. H. Riyad, A. Amin, R. Sadi, M. A. Hasan, M. K. BhuiyanCLICK HERE
CE_139Stabilization of Soil with Fly Ash and Ggbs for Subgrade and Backfill MaterialM. H. Sajid, M. W. Rahman, E. Roy, A. Debnath, T. RidoyCLICK HERE
CE_141Characterization of the Flooding Scenario of Bangladesh Using Flood Intensity IndexM. R. Tithi, M. S. Ali, R. Sadi, S. TabassumCLICK HERE
CE_142Shaping Neighborhood Plan towards Sustainable and Prosperous Future: A Study of Paba, RajshahiJ. F. Ratu, A. AttozaCLICK HERE
CE_144Structural Analysis of Pre-tensioning and Post-tensioning Concrete with Normal Concrete BeamI. H. Bhuiyan, A. Amin, R. H. Riyad, R. Sadi, M. A. HasanCLICK HERE
CE_145Spatio- Temporal Change Analysis of Agricultural Land, Water Bodies and Bare Land at Bogura, Bangladesh Using Landsat ImagesM. A. Momen, H. M. Sajib, M. I. Hossain, P. K. SahaCLICK HERE
CE_146Improvement of Strength of Unpaved Road by Using Jute GeotextileM. H. Kabir, L. GuptaCLICK HERE
CE_147Hazards at Construction Site and Influential Factors of Construction Accidents in BangladeshM. R. Chowdhury, R. Hasan, D. Mondal, F. NadimCLICK HERE
CE_149Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Building under Blast LoadingM. A. Habib, M. R. Awall, S. A. ChowdhuryCLICK HERE
CE_152A Study on Urban Building Stocks and Status of Emergency EvacuationM. Kamruzzaman, D. Roy, M. ImranCLICK HERE
CE_156The Impacts of Industrial Effluents on the Irrigation Water Quality in Bangladesh and Suggestions for Improvement of Water QualityM. S. U. Miah , R. ShahaCLICK HERE
CE_160A Case Study of Seasonal Variation of Air Pollutant (PM2.5) at Dhaka City, BangladeshM. A. Momen, H. M. Sajib, M. I. Hossain, P. K. SahaCLICK HERE
CE_165Groundwater Table Variation in Rangunia Upazila Using GIS Application: A Case StudyT. R. Chowdhury, O. Faruk, M. Chanda, A. A. Falak, A. AkterCLICK HERE

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