Published Papers to ICPACE 2023 are listed in the following TABLE

IDPaper TitleAuthor’s NameDownload
ARCH 0101A Socio-Ecological Resilience Approach for Coastal Community: A Case of Southkhali, BagerhatC. A. M. S. Shuvra, M. Ahmad, R. NanzibaCLICK HERE
ARCH 0102A Study on The Design Guidelines of Conceptual Prototype Proposal for The Emergency Shelter of The Vulnerable Rohingya Community in Ukhiya and TeknafA. A. Rahman, S. AlamCLICK HERE
ARCH 0103Understanding the Ambivalence of Urban Waterscape in BangladeshN. Y. Rahman, A. KhanmCLICK HERE
ARCH 0110Future Agri+Culture: Architectural Conceptualization of Modular Vertical Farming and Its Integration into The Urban AreaC. A. M. S. Shuvra, M. R. Khan, R. B. FirozCLICK HERE
ARCH 0122Architecture and Artificial Intelligence A Study from the Perspective of a Developing Country Like BangladeshA. A. Rahman, A. A. Shahul, R. TasnimCLICK HERE
ARCH 0124Artificial Intelligence Design Advancements: The Role of AI in Architectural DesignM.Rubayet , J.A.Mouri, M.I. Ahmmed, M.S. Ishtiak ,A.K.ShuvoCLICK HERE
ARCH 0126Impact of Ship Breaking and Recycling Industry on The Coastal Area of BangladeshT. A. B. A. Naser, M. AshrafiCLICK HERE
ARCH 0127A Definite Approach Towards Smart Classroom Equipped with Proper Acoustical Treatment, HVAC, Structural Arrangement and Human PsychologyM. Hasan, M. A. Islam, S. B. RafiqueCLICK HERE
ARCH 0131The Transition from Old to New Residential Neighborhoods: The Case of RajshahiS. HameemCLICK HERE
ARCH 0132The Impact of Post Covid-19 Economic Crisis on Rental Housing Affordability in Rajshahi: A Residual Income Based AnalysisS. HameemCLICK HERE
ARCH 0134Assessing the Efficiency of a Residential Building Façade in Reducing Traffic Noise from An Adjacent Distributor Road in Kallyanpur, DhakaM. S. Mahtab, A. BhowmikCLICK HERE
ARCH 0135Framing the Past: Experiencing an Archaeological Museum as Cultural Nexus at Mainamati, CumillaM. Rahman, K. S. Rahman, M. R. KhanCLICK HERE
ARCH 0136Vision for a Vertical Campus, Rethinking the Public Universities of Bangladesh.K. S. Rahman, M. Rahman, M. R. Khan  CLICK HERE
ARCH 0137Assessing the Publicness of Recently Developed Public Spaces in Sylhet City Corporation AreaK. K. Saha, A. Shil, A. TabassumCLICK HERE
ARCH 0144Pond-Centric Urbanism in RajshahiM. M. U. AlamCLICK HERE
ARCH 0146Integration of Historical Building for Medium-Sized Expanding City:  Lessons from KhulnaS. A. Tisa, M. R. KhanCLICK HERE
ARCH 0147Portrait of a Duplex Housing by Architect Muzharul Islam and Its Standpoint in Contemporary PerspectiveM. T. Hossain, S. M. Rizwan, M. N. IqbalCLICK HERE
ARCH 0148Challenges of Pandemic Responsiveness on/of Interactive Space of Tertiary Educational Institute: Lesson from Public Universities of KhulnaM. R. Khan, P. S. Anik, A. R. Aliva, S.A.TisaCLICK HERE
ARCH 0149Climatic Adaptation of Foreign Architects in Early Modern Architecture of BangladeshM. R. FahimCLICK HERE
ARCH 0150Potential Uses of Local Material “Jute” In InteriorsT. A. NakibCLICK HERE
ARCH 0151Assessing the Impact of Highrise Building as Landmark on Adjoining Urban Fabric in Oxygen AreaM. A. Samia, A. A. RachiCLICK HERE
ARCH 0157Construction Techniques of Locally Crafted Prefabricated Houses of “Ghorer Hat” in MunshiganjH. AnanCLICK HERE
ARCH 0158Urban Infill Development Potential: An Approach Towards Future Urban Recovery Model (The Case Study of Kuril, Dhaka)A. A. Rachi, S. SultanaCLICK HERE
ARCH 0160Exploring the Hidden Functionality of The Underneath Space of Moghbazar Flyover, DhakaA. Habib, A. A. RachiCLICK HERE
ARCH 0164Riverfront Development and Community Engagement: A Case Study of The Urban River Spaces Project in JhenaidahS. AhmedCLICK HERE
ARCH 0165A Study on A Spatial Model of Eco-Tourism for Economic Capital Growth in Sundarbans, Bangladesh.R. B. Ali, S. A. Rumki, Z. A. Tarafder, F. B. ShahidullahCLICK HERE
ARCH 0167The Spatio-Economy Of ‘Being’ For Ecological-Restoration and Sustainable Tourism-Planning: A Case of Nijhum-Dwip (Silent- Island), BangladeshF. B. Shahidullah, A. K. PodderCLICK HERE
ARCH 0170Generate Passive Breathable Urban Facades for Interior Thermal Comfort in Tropical Climate Guided by Traditional FacadesT. Iqbal, I. Hossain, M. N. BobyCLICK HERE
BECM 0104Fly Ash Brick: An Environmental Pollutant Converts into Eco-Friendly Building MaterialM. A. Sojib, J. Nesa, M. Kabir, S. K. PalCLICK HERE
BECM 0105The Importance of Sustainable Construction Materials and The Challenges Facing Their Widespread Adoption from the Consumers’ Point of ViewM.I. Ahmmed, M.Rubayet , M. Hasan, M.S. Ishtiak , S.B. Rafiq , A.K.ShuvoCLICK HERE
BECM 0107Advancing Green Building Design in Bangladesh: Empowering Sustainability with Polyurethane Foam for High-Performance Insulation and Eco-Friendly ConstructionM. Rubayet, M. I. Ahmmed , F. AbdullahCLICK HERE
BECM 0108Thermal Comfort in Buildings: Evaluating PMV Index and ANN Model for PredictionM.I. Ahmmed, F. Abdullah  CLICK HERE
BECM 0109Elevating Industries: Unveiling Multifaceted Benefits of Green Infrastructure for Energy, Waste, Workspaces, And Employee HealthM.I. Ahmmed, M. Rubayet, J.A. Mahmud, F. Abdullah, N. JahanCLICK HERE
BECM 0110Quality Assessment of Coarse Aggregates Subjected to Multiple Times RecyclingM. Roknuzzaman, M. S. Rahman, M. Kisku, M. A. Asef, M. M. IslamCLICK HERE
BECM 0111A Comparative Study of Low-Cost Housing Between Bangladesh and MalaysiaO. M. Karim, N. Jahan, M. A. IslamCLICK HERE
BECM 0112Unveiling BEEER: A Novel Green Building Rating System’s Potential in Bangladesh and Its Global Synergy with Sustainability FrameworksM. Mostafa, M. I. Ahmmed, O. M. KarimCLICK HERE
BECM 0113The Application of PERT And CPM Method in Building Construction Industry to Organize All the Project’s Schedule Systematically: A Review PaperM. MostafaCLICK HERE
BECM 0124A More Bio-Receptive Concrete Façade Design: A Greener Way to BreatheU. Karmoker, S. J. K. Paul, P. D. Ray, M. ChakrabarttyCLICK HERE
BECM 0127Enhancement of Concrete’s Flexibility Using Local IngredientsF. Abdullah, J. A. Mouri , T. A. JuiCLICK HERE
BECM 0128An Investigation of Contractual Dispute Avoidance Measures Taken by Construction Firms in Bangladesh During COVID-19: Effective Options for Dispute ResolutionS. U. H. Lobongo, M. A. Islam, A. IslamCLICK HERE
BECM 0129Recent Improvements in Sustainable Architecture and Building Materials for Climate Resilient Infrastructure: A ReviewS. N. U. N. Zahra, S.M. I. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0103Impact of Traffic Congestion in Roundabout: A Study on Gazipur ChowrastaM. S. B. Siraj, M. Farjana, M. Billah, M. Hasan, M. T. AzidCLICK HERE
CE 0108Present Scenario of Existing Intersection of Rajshahi City Corporation Area, Rajshahi, BangladeshA. S. Jisan, S. M. M. Daniel, M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0109A Comparative Study of BNBC 2006 And BNBC 2020 On the Cost Impact and Lateral Loads of The RC Frame StructureM. R. Raju, Md. F. Haque, M. Ahamed, I. T. HossainCLICK HERE
CE 0111Analysis of the Deflection Ratio of a Real-Life RCC Beam and Its’ Half Scale ModelM. Karim, H. R. KamalCLICK HERE
CE 0112Road Safety and Traffic Regulation Awareness Among Road Users of Baraigram Upazila, NatoreA. Diganta, M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0113Experimental Investigation of Beams on Elastic Foundation Subjected to Static Concentrated LoadM. Ahamed, C. Mondal, T. U. AhmedCLICK HERE
CE 0114Performance Evaluation of a Simple Ceramic Filter Combined with Roughing Filter for Pond Water TreatmentM. A. Amin, J. Ferdous, M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0117Spatiotemporal Changes of Channel Morphology of Gorai – Madhumati River Using Multi-Temporal Satellite ImagesM. S. Uddin, I. Sarkar, M. T. RaihanCLICK HERE
CE 0118Influence of Water on Bituminous Mixes Using Modified BindersM. S. Rana, T. Rahman, M. A. Rahman, Z. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0119Assessment of Road Safety for Pedestrians in Rajshahi City, BangladeshM. M. Islam, S. Goshami, T. Taskin, M. T. B. AhasanCLICK HERE
CE 0121Sustainable Commercial Building Utilization by Efficient Electricity and Water ConsumptionS. N. Satu, M. I. Rattry, T. A. Robin  CLICK HERE
CE 0122Investigating the Slope Stability of Three Hillocks Along with Their Geotechnical PropertiesN. M. R. Hoque, S. Islam, J. Islam, K. Hasan, S. H. Sarita, I. J. RumanaCLICK HERE
CE 0123Paratransit Safety Evaluation Using Poisson Regression: A Case Study Based on Driver PerceptionM. S. B. Siraj, M. Farjana, M. C. UllahCLICK HERE
CE 0125Investigating the Correlation Between Traffic and Noise Pollution at Varying Distances During Rush and Non-Rush Hours in Dhaka CityU. S. Zanzabil, M. R. Ali, A. Amin, M. M. Islam, M. R. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0128A Comparative Study of Sound Level in Two Cities Gazipur and Cox’s BazarM. R. Ali, U. S. Zanzabil, A. Amin, M. R. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0130CFRP Strengthening of Structurally Deficient Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Tubular Short Columns Under Axial Compressive LoadsS. M. Z. Islam, T. H. Rezvi, A. M. Noman, F. N. Choya, S. Tasnim, M. R. HasanCLICK HERE
CE 0134A Review on Natural Coagulants in Wastewater TreatmentM. S. Islam, M. A. Sojib, T. Islam, S. M. A. R. Shuvo, J. NesaCLICK HERE
CE 0136Dynamic Behavior of Flexible Pavement Under Moving Wheel LoadS. Nahar,. M. A. SayeedCLICK HERE
CE 0139Investigating Structural Behavior of High-Rise Building under LateralLoads in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study of BNBC 2006 and BNBC 2020S. B. B. Polock, M. A. Islam, S. Nahin, A. KabirCLICK HERE
CE 0141A Comparative Study on Capacity and Traffic Performance of Unsignalized Intersections in Khulna Metropolitan CityM. Abdullah, Q. S. Hossain, M. M. Islam, S. AhmedCLICK HERE
CE 0144Soil Erosion Assessment in Rangamati District: Comparing Hydrological Conditions & Geospatial Data Before & After the 2017 Landslide EventH. Moulik, M. Saleh, A.P. Bonna, T.I. IllinCLICK HERE
CE 0145Application of Delft3D FM Suite for Simulating the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Karnafuli RiverM. Nujhat, B. Mahalder, M. S. M. KhanCLICK HERE
CE 0150Impact of Electrode Materials, Electrode Number, and pH on the Treatment of a Tannery Chrome Effluent by ElectrocoagulationS. A. Mamun, S. Shahidi, A. Mahmud, M. A. JalilCLICK HERE
CE 0151Analysis of Earthquake Readiness, Damage Scenarios, and Pre-and Post-Preventive Measure Techniques: A Comprehensive Review of Dhaka CityS. Sharmin, M. J. Jakaria, M. Asaduzzaman, M. HasanCLICK HERE
CE 0152A Statistical Pattern Recognition for Structural Health Monitoring Using Vibration SignalsN. Sakib, S. Rana,  S. B. JafarCLICK HERE
CE 0153Dynamic Analysis of Ballastless Railway TrackS. M. K. Morshed, M. A. SayeedCLICK HERE
CE 0155Compressive Stress-Strain Characteristics of Brick Masonry Used in BangladeshM. A. Habib, K. A. Manju, N. Sharif, M. M. HoqueCLICK HERE
CE 0157Use of Recycled Glass Powder and Mill Scale as Partial Replacement of Cement and Fine Aggregate for Sustainable Concrete PracticeJ. Nesa, M. A. Sojib, S. Ahmed, M. Moinuddin, J. DevCLICK HERE
CE 0159Fiber Reinforced Concrete: A Critical Review on Material Properties and ApplicationsM. Hasan, M. S. Shihab, M. E. MridulaCLICK HERE
CE 0160Study on Existing Faecal Sludge Management Situation in Dinajpur MunicipalityM. H. A. Rashid, M. S. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0161A Study on Traffic Congestion in Major Points of Dinajpur City under Mixed Traffic FlowM. S. Ahmed, S. Mansur, N. C. RoyCLICK HERE
CE 0163A Study on Leachate Treatment of Amin Bazar Solid Waste Landfill SiteW. Nahar, R. Sultana, U. T. Toma, J. F. Dola, M. M. H. SawponCLICK HERE
CE 0164A Review on the Effects of Styrofoam Beads in Concrete BlockN. N. Rahman, M. Akter, H. S. Sarker, S. R. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0169Improving Traffic Operations at Two Closely-Spaced Intersections on Begum Rokeya Avenue Near the Pallabi Metro Station in Dhaka CityM. S. Chowdhury,  F. Chowdhury, M. S. Yasar, M. A. Abbasi, S. W. NabiCLICK HERE
CE 0171Assessment of Annual and Seasonal Climate Change Impact in Rajshahi District of Bangladesh using SDSMM. M. Rana, S. K. Adhikary, H. Nath, A. El-ShafieCLICK HERE
CE 0172A Case Study on Parking Scenario in Shopping Centers at DhakaJ. Podder, U. T. Toma, I. H. Bhuiyan, M. F. Rabbi, T. A. Ridoy, R. SultanaCLICK HERE
CE 0173Artificial Neural Network Model for Passenger Car Equivalent of BusM. A. Islam, Q. S. Hossain, S. Ahmed, M. M. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0177Urban Sustainability Assessment, Incentives & Impediments Towards Rooftop Farming Practice in Dhaka City, BangladeshA. G. Partha, M. R. Hasan, M. T. Islam, S. M. N. Parvin, M. HasanCLICK HERE
CE 0178Development of Sustainable Low-Cost Housing in BangladeshM. T. Islam, K. H. R. Rafy, A. KabirCLICK HERE
CE 0183The Development of Comparison, Evolution, and Correlation Between2D and 3D Studies of Morphological Parameters of Sand Particles Through Image-Based Analysis of X-Ray CT Data of Sand ParticlesM. M. Hasan, M. F. AlamCLICK HERE
CE 0186Theoretical Analysis of Steel Retrofitted Beam-Column Joint By ANSYS ModelingS. A. M. Anachh, A. A. Momen, R. Ahmed, K. A. ManjurCLICK HERE
CE 0190Effect of Geopolymer Contents on Strength Development of Soft SoilsM. H. Nabi, S. Acharjee, M. M. Banu, M. A. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0191Enhancement of Axial Capacity of Brick Masonry Column by Ferrocement JacketingM. Z. Habib, K. A. Manjur, M. M. HoqueCLICK HERE
CE 0192Conceptualization of a Sustainable On-Site Sewage Management System for Building Construction with Combining Drainage Channels, Composting Facilities and Recycling AbilitiesM. A. Islam, E. H. ShagatoCLICK HERE
CE 0194Comparison of Noise and Air Pollution at Recreational Places in Rajshahi, Pabna, Natore, and Sirajganj DistrictsS. H. Akash, M. Sakir, M. A. Dayan, M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0196Influence of Base Layer Thickness on Flexible Pavement under Moving LoadM. R. A. Hassan, M. S. Islam, M. A. SayeedCLICK HERE
CE 0197A Study on Traffic Management and Engineering Approaches to Reduce Road Accidents in Dhaka CityT. Rahman, B. Roy, S. AnjumCLICK HERE
CE 0198Effects of Supplementary Cementitious Materials on the Fresh andHardened Properties of High-Strength Self-Compacting ConcreteF. S. Aditto, M. H. R. Sobuz, J. A. JabinCLICK HERE
CE 0200Hardened and Microstructural Characteristics of a Biochar-Cement Mortar CompositeM. H. Khan, M. H. R. Sobuz, M. K. I. KabboCLICK HERE
CE 0201Effect of Moisture on the Stress-Deflection Behavior of Laterally Loaded Group PilesM. M. Sazzad, R. A. MedhaCLICK HERE
CE 0202Environmental Impact of Landfill on Groundwater Quality in City Hut Landfill Area, RajshahiP. K. Roy, M. M. Islam, T. Murshalin, M. S. U. MiahCLICK HERE
CE 0203Load-Displacement and Load Transfer Mechanisms of Pile Foundation Using AllPile SoftwareM. Mohshin, M. Abrar, Abiduzzaman, S. N. Rudra  CLICK HERE
CE 0204Detailed Engineering Assessment of Concrete Structures Using Cost Effective Inspection Techniques for Re-StrengtheningM. Mohshin, M. Abrar, Abiduzzaman, S. N. RudraCLICK HERE
CE 0207An Assessment on Availability of Water Supply System in the Rajshahi City Corporation AreaN. N. Chaitee, S. Alam, A. A. Momin, Z. HossainCLICK HERE
CE 0208Rheological, Hardened, and Non-destructive Characteristics of Supplementary Cementitious Materials for The Production of Self Compacting Concrete  A. Paul, M. H. R. SobuzCLICK HERE
CE 0212From Source to Use: Performance Evaluation of Water Treatment Plant in KUET, Khulna, BangladeshM. A. Fayshal, T. T. Jarin, M A Rahman, S. KabirCLICK HERE
CE 0214Mechanical and non–destructive Characteristics of Over-Burnt Brick Aggregate for the Production of Structural ConcreteZ. S. Koma, M. H. R. Sobuz, S. TalukderCLICK HERE
CE 0216Seismic Analysis of Asymmetry Multi-Storied Structures Using Dynamic Analysis Method in BangladeshZ. Fariha, M. A. B. Bhuiyan, R. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0220Assessment of Perceived Service Quality of Launch Services in Dhaka-Barishal RouteT. Rashid, H. A. Banna, M. Wazkuruni, N. Ahmed & S. M. RifaatCLICK HERE
CE 0224Finite Element Analysis of an Embankment over soft ground: A case of a Trial EmbankmentM. Sadiq, T. Alam, M. RokonuzzamanCLICK HERE
CE 0227Utilization of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum on Concrete PropertiesJ. Ashraf, A. A. RifaCLICK HERE
CE 0228Exploring the Impact of Exterior Facade Materials on Energy Performance of Residential Structures in BangladeshJ. Ashraf, M. M. Rahman, M. J. RanaCLICK HERE
CE 0229Analysis of Jaywalking Behavior among University Students of BangladeshS. M. R. Rashid, I. Hossain, A. Tabbassum, N. Ahmed, S. M. RifaatCLICK HERE
CE 0232Influences of Pozzolanic Materials on the Rheological and Hardened Properties of High-Strength ConcreteJ. A. Jabin, M. T. H. Khondoker, F. S. AdittoCLICK HERE
CE 0233A Study on the Road Crossing Behavior of High School & College Students in Dhaka CityA. Basunia, T.H. Anchal, T.Z. Mahzabeen, N. Ahmed, S. M. RifaatCLICK HERE
CE 0234Safety Perception of Pedestrians at Level Crossings in BangladeshM. Hossain, P.M.T. Rahman, T. Yousuf, N. Ahmed, S.M. RifaatCLICK HERE
CE 0236Influence of Site-specific Land Use Patterns on Event Mean Concentrations (EMC) of Runoff Pollutants in an Urban SettingM. H. Masum, I. J. Ruva, S. K. PalCLICK HERE
CE 0243Combined influence of Waste Marble Powder and Silica Fume on the Mechanical Properties of Structural Cellular Lightweight ConcreteM. K. I. Kabbo, M. H. R. Sobuz, M. H. KhanCLICK HERE
CE 0245Development of Rainwater Harvesting System for Residential Building of Water Crisis Area of JurainA. A. Arshe, M. R. Nowfi, S. Hossain, M. A. AnwarCLICK HERE
CE 0246Influence of Burnt Type on The Compressive Strength and Initial Rate of Absorption Behavior of Locally Available BricksK. A. Manjur, M. A. Habib, M. M. HoqueCLICK HERE
CE 0247Prediction of Class-A and Class-C of a trial Embankment over soft organic peaty groundM. Sadiq, I. Mahmud, R. H. TituCLICK HERE
CE 0248Utilization of Textile Effluent Treatment Plant Sludge as Supplementary Cementitious Material in ConcreteM. Mottakin, M. M. Hossain, S. D. DattaCLICK HERE
CE 0249Liquefaction Analysis of Bridge Foundation in KurigramR. H. Titu, M. Sadiq, I. MahmudCLICK HERE
CE 0259Applicability of Steel Fiber and Recycled Stone in Compressive Strength Development of M30 ConcreteM. R. Chowdhury, M. E. KabirCLICK HERE
CE 0263Effectiveness of ECC Encasement on the Compressive Behavior of Slender CFST Column- A Numerical StudyN. Ahmed, M. S. Hossain, M. H. Hridoy, M. I. KabirCLICK HERE
CE 0267A Review on the Applicability of Iron Slag in Different Forms for  Concrete ProductionH. Rashid , A. Nath, S. Sikder, S. M. A. HoqCLICK HERE
CE 0273Appraisal of Public Health Responses Exposure to Air and Noise Pollution from Diverse Modes of Transportation in an Urban ContextM. H. Masum, M. KabirCLICK HERE
CE 0274Comparative Analysis of Building Seismic Response: Exploring the Impact of Evolving Design Standards on StructuresJ. Tasnim , M.M. EmtiazCLICK HERE
CE 0275Estimating Water Footprint of Crops for a Selected Area in Dhaka  Division of BangladeshA. S. Lina , S. K. AdhikaryCLICK HERE
CE 0277Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City – A Case Study in Mirpur 1 to Mirpur 10N. J. Shila, U. T. Toma, J. Podder, M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0278Introducing Glass Powder and Brick Dust as Mineral Filler to Evaluate different properties of Bituminous specimen by Marshall Method of Mix DesignR. U. Ahmed, N. A. Chowdhury, M. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0279Application of Plastic-Coated Aggregate in the Construction of Flexible Pavement in an Eco-Friendly WayM. M. Islam, M. E. HossainCLICK HERE
CE 0280A Case Study of Rahmatkhali Riverbank Erosion: Comparison Among Riparian Management, Coir Logs and Geo BagsM. H. Nahian, S. Sara, M. Turjo, M. A. Rahman, F. MashukCLICK HERE
CE 0282A Review on Sustainable River Training Strategies in BangladeshS. A. Chadni, M. A. Anwar, A. Mahmud, T. T. AtosiCLICK HERE
CE 0287Assessment of Spatio-Temporal changes of Beel Area in Rajshahi District using Multi-Temporal Satellite ImagesM. R. Das, M. M. AliCLICK HERE
CE 0288Assessment of Soil Characteristics and Contamination Status Due to Leachate Migration from Open Dumping Site in Chattogram City, BangladeshA. Ghosh, M. H Masum, M. I. UddinCLICK HERE
CE 0290Seismic Retrofitting of an Existing Structure & its Cost-EffectivenessF.R. Anika, T. Sarker, M. Ahamed, M.R. AwallCLICK HERE
CE 0296Performance Evaluation of an Effluent Treatment Plant for Pharmaceutical Effluent with Different Treatment MechanismsM.T. Rasul, N. C. Das, M.R. Ahamed, M.S. Hossain, M.M.R. BhuiyanCLICK HERE
CE 0297Comparison of Traffic Flow Characteristics and Environmental Impacts Between a Cross Intersection and a Roundabout Intersection: A VISSIM Simulation-based ApproachI. Hoque, A. NazCLICK HERE
CE 0300Vulnerability Assessment of Cyclone by Using ArcGIS: A Case Study of Chittagong DistrictA. Chowdhury, T.S. Umama, H.M. Rasel, M. Z. Alam, M.N. BariCLICK HERE
CE 0301Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources Through ML Models in Rajshahi DistrictA. Chowdhury, T. A. Asif, M. Z. Alam, H.M. Rasel, M.N. BariCLICK HERE
CE 0302Establishing Correlation of Different Failure Parameters for Driven Pile in Silty Clay Soil Using All Pile SoftwareH. H. Shuvo, S. H. Nidul, M. H. AushiCLICK HERE
CE 0304Identification and characterization of microplastics in surface water sources at Rajshahi CityA. Chowdhury, M. I. Shuvo, S. Sarkar, M. A. Rabbi, F. AhmedCLICK HERE
CE 0307Performance of a Laboratory Scale Iron Removal System for RUETA. Chowdhury, M. N. R. A. Sheikh, C. B. Das, A.S.M.Z. HasanCLICK HERE
CE 0308An Integrated Assessment of the Land use Change Impact on Climatic Factors and Water Quality in the Kalurghat Heavy Industrial Area, ChattogramS. Sarker, B. DasCLICK HERE
CE 0309Potentiality for Removal of Heavy Metal from Groundwater Using Natural AdsorbentsA. Chowdhury, M. RahnumaCLICK HERE
CE 0310Prediction of Bearing Capacity of Pile Using Machine Learning ApproachM. M. H. Galib, M. M. Billah, S. A. Mofiz CLICK HERE
CE 0312Numerical Study of the Improved Tuned Liquid Damper Using ABAQUSA. Bhattacharjee, S.A. MofizCLICK HERE
CE 0315The Effect of Regular and Irregular Curing on the Mechanical Property of Normal Strength Concrete in Hot and Humid WeatherM. Sohel, M. H. RashidCLICK HERE
CE 0317Effect of Wood Dust on the Shrinkage Behavior of Laboratory Constituted Soil for Use in Cricket PitchT. Mahmud, M. Islam, N. ShadiaCLICK HERE
CE 0318Effect of Minor Groin on the Downstream Groin AreaT. Ali, M. Alauddin, J. Alam, S. Hossain, M. HossainCLICK HERE
CE 0319Lateral Load Bearing Capacity Assessment of RC Buildings with Varying Column ShapesM. Chakrabartty, L. C. Roy, M. R. Rahman, S. SahaCLICK HERE
CE 0321Study on Use of Recycled Plastic Bottle Chips as a Partial Replacement of Sand in Cement-Mortar MixM. Chakrabartty, S. Saha, A. H. M. Adyeel, G. M. Harun, F. F. RafatCLICK HERE
CE 0325Study of Diminishing Trend of Surface Water Sources Using Remote SensingM. Kamruzzaman, M. HumairaCLICK HERE
CE 0326Fire Hazard Risk Assessment and Remedial Measures of Anderkilla Ward in Chattogram City, BangladeshM. N. H. Rahi, M. N. Hossain, MB Islam, M. Hanif, S. AhamedCLICK HERE
CE 0327Towards Sustainable Building Operations: Integrating Automated Controls and Smart TechnologyA. U. Zaman, M. J. Hossain, U. SalmaCLICK HERE
CE 0329Earned Value Analysis of an Under-Construction Bridge in Dhaka CityP. Debnath, M. B. Shamim, M. HasanCLICK HERE
CE 0331Study on Electricity Generation by Water Wheel in Micro Hydro Power PlantM. Fahmida, R. Sen, A. H. Korban, M. N. Haque, M. A. Haque, S. Robin, and N. C. RoyCLICK HERE
CE 0332Study on Shear Strength Properties of Reinforced Soil under TC and TE Stress Path TestsS. A. Mofiz, N. SharminCLICK HERE
CE 0333Seasonal Variation of PM2.5 Concentration in the Air of Dhaka: An Analysis with RecommendationsM. S. Chowdhury, C. A. Hossain, S. DelwarCLICK HERE
CE 0335An IoT Based Sustainable Automation system for the Garments industry in BangladeshK. R. Ahmed, R. A. Amee, M. T. Mia, M. A. Hossain, N. Hasan, K. S. Shayer, M. Badoruzzaman, I. A. SafinCLICK HERE
CE 0336Women’s Safety and Freedom of Mobility: Seeing Gender Based Crime through City Planning and DesignS. SameenCLICK HERE
CE 0337An Evaluation of How Pedestrians Perceive About Street Vendors Occupying Public Sidewalks: An Empirical Study in Rajshahi City CorporationS. Arefin, J. Tasnuva, R. T. RabbiCLICK HERE
CE 0340A GIS Based Solid Waste Management of Rajshahi City CorporationS. Afrin, F. Afroz, M. S. U. ZamanCLICK HERE
CE 0343Investigating Temperature Impact on Physical, Mechanical, and  Recovery Properties of Construction Woods in BangladeshM. A. B. Anam, S. B. Payel, M. T. SirajCLICK HERE
CE 0344Utilization of Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) in Bridge Decks- A reviewN. J. Monica, A. Mim, M. H. Khatun, S. Saha, A. H. M. Adyeel, K. S. ShahnazCLICK HERE
CE 0345Bio-Based approach of Self-Healing Concrete: A Comprehensive ReviewM. Humaira, N. J. Monica, A. MimCLICK HERE
CE 0347Urban Water Supply System and Its Management in Ward-16 under Rajshahi City Corporation, RajshahiM. S. Islam, M. N. BariCLICK HERE
CE 0348Competitive Removal of Color from Textile Effluents in Bangladesh by Activated Carbon and Lime in Batch and Fixed Bed Column ExperimentsA. H. Sijan, S. Siam, F. B. Nazrul, M. R. KarimCLICK HERE
CE 0349An Assessment on Removal of Chromium from Water Using Activated Carbon Prepared from Coconut ShellM. M. Barno, M. Saad, I. I. AzadCLICK HERE
CE 0350Urban Sanitation Facilities and Its Management in Rajshahi CityM. N. Bari, Md. R. KabirCLICK HERE
CE 0351Study on Efficiency of a Negative Pressure Irrigation SystemW. Asna, S. Shamsi, S. M. MoniruzzamanCLICK HERE
CE 0353Water Quality and Comparative Pollution Assessment of Twelve Major Rivers in BangladeshL. C. Roy, A. Saha, M. R. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0354Assessment of Physical and Chemical Attributes of Road Dust of Dhaka- Natore HighwayM. Z. Alam, K. N. Mim, N. Bari, A. Chowdhury, N. A.Khalid, M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0355Assessment of Reuse Potential of Grey Water Using On-site Treatment ProcessesS. Nessa, M. S. Ahsan, S. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0356Investigating the Feasibility of Incorporating a Bio Toilet into the Sanitation Infrastructure of Bangladesh RailwayU. Karmoker, N. SakibCLICK HERE
CE 0361Feasibility Study of Supplementary Irrigation with Pond Water in Tanore Upazilla under Barind TractM. N. Bari, M. Z. Alam, H. M. Rasel, A. Choudhury, J. FerdoushCLICK HERE
CE 0362Potentiality of Supplementary Irrigation with Existing Small Water Bodies in Patnitala and Sapahar Upazila of Naogaon DistrictM. N. Bari, A. Choudhury, H. M. Rasel, M. Z. Alam, M. A. R. RazuCLICK HERE
CE 0363Effect of Tunnel Shape on the Deformation Behavior of a Tunnel Using FLAC3DM. M. Sazzad, S. H. Joti, M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0366Improvement of Shear Strength Properties of Organic Soil Using Sand ColumnR. F. Mahi, I. I. Nur, M. M. A. Rafi, A S M. F. HossainCLICK HERE
CE 0368Jute Composite and Geotextiles- a Greener Building SolutionM. K. Hasan, M. Islam, N. Shadia, M. A. I. Khan, M. M. AlamCLICK HERE
CE 0370Correlation of Critical State Parameter with Plasticity Index of SoilsM. H. Rahman, M. Z. Alam, K. N. MimCLICK HERE
CE 0372Effect of Ferrocement Confinement on RC Columns Under Axial Compression and ImprovementM. T. Islam, A. KabirCLICK HERE
CE 0373Defining the Regions Based on Remittance on Household Welfare in BangladeshA. B. Salim, M. B. Rahman, A. Das, S. RoyCLICK HERE
CE 0376Comparative Study on Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Made with Recycled AggregateF. Edib, Z. Tasnim, N. H. M. K. SerkerCLICK HERE
CE0379Estimation of the Evacuation Time Depending on the Optimization of                                   the Exits of a Commercial BuildingJ. Anjum, M. S. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0380Exploring the Potential of Jute Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete for Enhanced Strength and DurabilityM. S. N. A. Chayon, M. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0381Comparison of Tubular System and Conventional System BuildingD. M. Ali, M. S. I. Shohag, NHM  K. SerkerCLICK HERE
CE 0383Performance of Concrete Using Waste Glass Powder as a Partial Replacement of Cement under Saline ConditionM. K. Bari, I. Saifullah, M. A. Hossan and A. A. TaharatCLICK HERE
CE 0385Influence of Recycled Concrete Aggregates in Addition with Ceramic Dust on Strength Properties of ConcreteM. Hasan, D. Mojumder, R. A. AbirCLICK HERE
CE 0386Mode Choice Modeling of University Students in Dhaka: A Case Study on BUETT. R. Rhythy, A. I. Subah, M. N. MurshedCLICK HERE
CE 0387Three-Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Ballastless Railway Track-Subgrade System to Simulate the Dynamic Response Under High-Speed Train Moving LoadsM. R. Farhan, M. A. SayeedCLICK HERE
CE 0394Distress in the Old Brick Masonry Bridges of Bangladesh Railway and Remedial Measure with a New Approach – a Case StudyM. H. Rahman, M. Z. Alam, K. N. MimCLICK HERE
CE 0399Development of Suspended Sediment Rating Curve for the Feni RiverM. M. I. Mohir, M. S. Mondal, R. SultanaCLICK HERE
CE 0401Performance Evaluation of the Manu Barrage Irrigation ProjectM. A. H. Rana, M. Islam, N. ShadiaCLICK HERE
CE 0403The Impacts of Leather Industry Effluents on The Water Quality of Bhairab RiverM. Hasan, M. A. B. SiddiqCLICK HERE
CE 0404Assessing the Performance of Bio-Coagulant and Traditional Alum Coagulants in Surface Water Treatment ProcessM.S. Alam, S. M. I. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0405Land Use/Land Cover Changes and Their Impact on Land Surface Temperature Using Remote Sensing Technique in Chapai Nawabganj, BangladeshM. I. Hossain, A. Mondal, H. M. Rasel, M. Z. Alam, M. N. Bari, A. ChowdhuryCLICK HERE
CE 0407Assessing Flood Vulnerability at Chilmari Upazilla in Bangladesh through GIS and AHP ApproachesA. B. M. S. Hossain, H. M. Rasel, S. M. A. A. Ahad, M. N. Bari, M. Z. Alam, A. ChowdhuryCLICK HERE
CE 0408Study on Seasonal Variation of Pond Water Quality of Bagatipara Upazila, NatoreR. Parvin, T. Hasan, M.M. Islam, M. M. Rahman, M.S. Islam, M.R. HasanCLICK HERE
CE 0409Machine Learning Approach for Accurate Forecasting of Monthly Air Temperature: A Case Study in Chapainawabganj, BangladeshR. Sarker, H. M. Rasel, S. A. SakiCLICK HERE
CE 0413An Empirical Study on Service Quality Assessment of Railway Transit: Rajshahi Railway Station as the CaseM. R. Khan, S. A. Tisa, Q. Hamidul BariCLICK HERE
CE 416Socio-Environmental Role of Stakeholders of Recycling Waste Trade in Khulna CityA. A. Hasan, Q. H. Bari, I. M. Rafizul, J. A. Saju, E. Kraft, P. LorberCLICK HERE
CE 0417Evaporative Salinity Movement Pattern through Different Types of Brick SetupM. H. Hadiuzzaman, Q. H. Bari, H. SaiedCLICK HERE
CE 0418A Study on Marine Plastic Debris from Local Ship in Mongla Port AreaS. Roksana, Q.H. Bari, I.M. Rafizul, M. Hossain, E. Kraft, T. Haupt, M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0419Spatial Analysis of Salinity and Sulphate Distribution in Brick Masonry: Implications for Structural Integrity and PreservationS. Kabir, Q. H. BariCLICK HERE
CE 0422Batch study for removal of Mn2+ from Synthetic Wastewater by Using Natural AdsorbentM. Z. Islam, M. Z. AlamCLICK HERE
CE 0423Machine Learning-based Groundwater Level modeling in the Northwest region of Bangladesh: A reviewM. A. Saleh, H. M. RaselCLICK HERE
CE 0424Forecasting the Annual Variability of Evaporation Using ML-Based Regression TechniquesH. M. Rasel, M. A. SalehCLICK HERE
CE 0425Laboratory Investigation of Fracture Resistance of uPVC PipesM.B. Ali, F. Ahmed, A. H. AkhiCLICK HERE
CE 0426Influence of Underground Pipeline on Response of Subgrade Soil in Flexible PavementA. H. Akhi, M. S. Rana, M. AhamedCLICK HERE
CE 0427Exploring the Relationship between Wood Density and Janka Hardness: An Experimental ApproachM. S. Rana, A. Islam, M. Ahamed, T.U. AhmedCLICK HERE
CE 0429Application of Remote Sensing to Investigate the Impact of Musapur Reservoir on the Morphology of Little Feni River and Local Agricultural ProductionM.I. Neha, M.S. Rahman, M.F. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0430Effects of Planar Irregularities on Seismic Responses of Building Under Bi-directional Ground MotionsM. B. Zisan, S. A. LimanCLICK HERE
CE 0431A Comparative Study Between Fly Ash and Silica Fume to Increase Strength of Recycled Concrete Aggregates- A Literature ReviewM. Hasan, N. Jahan, F. J. TaniaCLICK HERE
CE 0432Durability of Rice Husk Ash Concrete in Chloride EnvironmentM. A. Hasan, M. S. Islam, M. M. Islam, S. IslamCLICK HERE
CE 0434Assessing Plastic Waste in Marine Environment using Foreign Ships from Chattogram PortN. Das, T. Das, S. K. Pal, M. F. R. Zuthi, E. Kraft, T. Haupt, S. KuehlewindtCLICK HERE
CE 0435Potential of Jute Products as a Substitute for Plastic in Bangladesh from Life Cycle PerspectiveF. Khan, M. H. Masum, M. F. R. Zuthi, A. Hoque, E. Kraft, K. M. Hassan, T. T. Jarin, I. Lange, N. SultanaCLICK HERE
CE 0436Influences of the Hill Geometry and Geotechnical Properties on the Landslide Susceptibility- A Case StudyB. C. Mondal, M. H. Masum, R. K. SutradharCLICK HERE
CE 0437Comparative Analysis of Heat Island Effect: Traditional versus Pervious ConcreteM. T. Ali, M. H. RashidCLICK HERE
CE 0438Erosion Threat Analysis for the Stability of a Sedimentary Deposit in a Tidal RiverM. K. Islam, M. M. RahmanCLICK HERE
CE 0439Traffic Congestion Control at Intersection of Chattogram City Using Channelization & Signaling System- A Case StudyS.H. Mahmud, T.K. TusherCLICK HERE
CE 0440Analyzing Strength Development Characteristics in Concrete: A Comparative Study between Concrete with Composite Cement and Ordinary Portland cementL. C. Das, B. Das, M. O. ImamCLICK HERE
URP 0102Exploring Rainfall-induced Landslide Risk Reduction Strategies in Low-income Informal Settlements of ChattogramA. Khanm, S. M. Alam, N. Y. Rahman, M. M. H. TuheenCLICK HERE
URP 0103Spatial Accessibility Analysis of The Cyclone Shelters in The Southern Part of BangladeshM. T. Islam, F. Kabir, S. RahamanCLICK HERE
URP 0109Assessing the Health and Water Supply Status of Rajshahi City Corporation Slum Units Through Participatory ApproachM. M. Zummah, S. Islam, M. M. Hossain, S. M. Ayan, M. Islam, D. SarkerCLICK HERE
URP 0120Impacts of Market Waste on Water Quality Degradation: A Case of Gollamari Bazar, Khulna, BangladeshM. S. M. Bhuiyan, A. A. Zawad, M. M. Islam, R. AsadCLICK HERE
URP 0123Implementation, Challenges and Advancement of Agile Project Management in Modern ProjectsM. T. Mahi, M. A. Islam, M. A. H. TalukderCLICK HERE
URP 0125Assessment of the Land Use Change and Economic Transition Under the Impacts of River Course Alteration in Rural Areas Rajshahi: A PRA Framework-based AnalysisR. D. Chakraborty, M. S. R. Sun, B. Akter, A. Ornob, M. A. Wakil, A. DasCLICK HERE
URP 0128An Analytical Approach for Digital Transformation & Modernizing Agricultural Framework through ICT in Rural Areas, RajshahiR. D. Chakraborty, M. Hasan, M. A. Shahriar, R. Jahan, M. A. Wakil, D. SarkerCLICK HERE
URP 0129An Assessment of Supply Chain Mechanisms of Pisciculture: A Case Study in Debipur, Durgapur, RajshahiL. Intisar, S. M. Ayan, T. T. Orthy, M. A. Arnob, M. A. Wakil, A. DasCLICK HERE
URP 0132An Application of Landscape Design for Ensuring Vibrant and Travel-Friendly Roads for Commercial Place: A Case Study of Shaheb Bazar, RajshahiM. A. Arnob, S. M. Ayan, L. Intisar, T. T. Orthy, S. Roy, M. W. H. NipunCLICK HERE
URP 0133Community-Based Tourism Development Through Empowering Local Stakeholders: A Case Study of NatoreY. Ahmead, M. S. Reza, S. M. R. Haasan, M. Farjana, M. A. Wakil, A. DasCLICK HERE
URP 0134Developing Unplanned Residential Land Through Implementation of Land Readjustment: A case study of Aliganja, RajshahiM. S. Reza, Y. Ahmead, A. Ahmed, I. Khan, F. F. Huq, M. IslamCLICK HERE
URP 0135Analysis of Market Margin on Rural Agricultural ProductsM. S. Reza, Y. Ahmead, I. Khan, A. Ahmed, M. A. Wakil, D. SarkerCLICK HERE
URP 0138Regionalization and Assessing Disease Prone Regions through Environmental Pollution in BangladeshM. T. Hossain, M. J. Rana, A. Das, S. RoyCLICK HERE
URP 0139Exploring the Economic Condition of the Blacksmiths and the Possibility of Emergence of BlacksmithingM. T. Hossain, S. A. T. Shuvo, S. N. I. Badhon, M. A. Marjiya, M. A. Wakil, A. DasCLICK HERE
URP 0140Problems and Potentials of Rural Growth Center: A Case Study of Baneshwar Bazar in Rajshahi, BangladeshS. A. T. Shuvo M. T. Hossain, M. A. Marjiya, H. I. Shakir, M. A. Wakil, D. SarkerCLICK HERE
URP 0142Designing & Revitalizing Hashem Nagar Residential Area: Strategies for Creating Vibrant and Sustainable NeighborhoodS. Sarker, Z.R. SharkerCLICK HERE
URP 0144Designing a Modern Bus Terminal: A Case Study of Nowdapara Bus Terminal, RajshahiA. B. Salim, S. S. Disha, H. M. H. Rahman, S. S. Sammo, S. Roy, M. W. H. NipunCLICK HERE
URP 0145Analyzing the Potentiality of The Farmers of Rajshahi to Tackle Famine ThreatA. B. Salim, S. S. Disha, H. M. H. Rahman, S. S. Sammo, Md. A. Wakil, A. DasCLICK HERE
URP 0146Brick Field Development Dynamics and Its Effect on Agriculture and Wetland in Narayangonj Sadar UpazillaN. Sarker, A. N. KakonCLICK HERE
URP 0148Public Participation in the Formulation of DMDP: A Procedural FrameworkM. S. ChowdhuryCLICK HERE

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